The Solar Bench® “Work & Charge” is an outdoor table / sitting combination. The table is equipped with an integrated solar panel. The solar panel converts the sunlight that falls on the bank into electricity and stores it. Whether during the day or after sunset, the solarbench can supply power at any time. The sofa can be supplied in various embodiments or materials, possibly customer-specific. USB connection points (8 USB) are switched on continuously, which means that your device is charged immediately when connecting.

Start charging usage:Automatically upon connection
Number of chargingstation:8 (4 x 2USB)
Material solarpanel:Tempered glass, semi-transparent
Material coverplate:Impact Resistant Plastic Sapphire plate
Material frame:Brushed RVS316
Material feet (Standard):Self-compacting concrete (smooth)
Color feetsLight Grey
Treatment feets:Anti-graffity
Connection:Stand-alone or network/0.3A max.
Output power USB:1A @5Vdc / 2,1A @5Vdc
Dimensions table (LxBxH):240 cm x 100 cm x 80 cm
Weight table:870 kg
Dimensions bench (LxBxH)242 cm x 40 cm x 45 cm
Weight bench:200 kg

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