The Solar Bench® “Chill & Charge” is an outdoor design sofa. The sofa is equipped with an integrated solar panel in the seat.
The Solar Bench® can supply power at any time. The sofa can be supplied in various embodiments or materials, possibly customer-specific. USB connection points (8 USB) are switched on continuously, which means that your device will be charged immediately.

Start charging usage:Automatically upon connection
Number of chargingstations:8 (4 x 2USB)
Material Solarpanel:Tempered glass, semi-transparent
Material Coverplate:Impact Resistant Plastic Sapphire plate
Material frame:Brushed RVS316
Material feet (Standard):Self-compacting concrete (smooth)
Color feets:Light Grey
Treatment feets:Anti-graffity
Connections:Stand-alone or network/0.3A max
Output power USB:1A @5Vdc / 2,1A @5Vdc
Dimensions (LxBxH):240 cm x 100 cm x 45 cm
Weight:800 kg

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